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Frequently asked questions

What is Person centred Counselling? Person centred Counselling is an unstructured approach that provides you with a safe and non judgmental space to explore and express your feelings, thoughts and what is going on for you. This will enable you to gain a better understanding and insight into your feelings and the problems you might be experiencing.

What is Pet Bereavement Counselling? Pet Bereavement Counselling is a therapeutic approach that helps you to come to terms with the loss of your pet. In the therapy we will talk about your pet and what the loss means to you and what you might be struggling with. The therapy also includes practical exercises to help you to process your emotions.

What can I expect from my first session? In your first session, we will take some time to go through the Counselling Agreement which contains information for you to be aware of. I will email you a copy of the Counselling Agreement after your free, introductory phone call. We will then take time to explore what brings you to Counselling and what you would like to get out of the sessions. We will explore any questions or concerns that you might have. At the end of the session, we will book your next appointment.

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How many sessions will I receive? And how often? We will decide this together based on your needs. I offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. We will review your therapy regularly to make sure that you get the most out of your therapy and that it continues to meet your needs.

Where and when will sessions take place? I offer face to face, video or telephone sessions. We will arrange a time and date that suits you within my working hours.

What happens if I need to cancel? Please make sure that you give me at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your session. You can contact me via email,

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A lovely and light room awaits you for face to face sessions

How do I pay? Payment for each session is due 24 hours before your session. You can pay via bank transfer. I will provide you with the details once you have booked your first appointment. If you have not paid prior to your session, I reserve the right to cancel the session. If you need to cancel your session, providing you give 48 hours notice and you have already paid for your session, the session can be refunded or the balance carried forward. In the event of last minute cancellations (less than 48 hours) or non attendance, the session fee is non-refundable.

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