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Pet Bereavement

Losing your pet is a heartbreaking and devastating experience. Having to make the decision to put your pet to sleep is probably one of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make. You might be experiencing deep sadness and despair and your grief might feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with.

Pet Bereavement is often a hidden grief because people don't talk about it or don't understand this type of loss. How often have you heard "it's only a dog?" Comments like this are not only hurtful but they can leave you feeling isolated and alone. What's worse you might start to think you shouldn't feel upset. I want to reassure you that it is absolutely okay and normal to be upset about losing your pet and that the pain you feel is real and valid. 

 Depending on the circumstances of your pet's death, you might also be left with  complicated feelings such as anger, shame and guilt. 

I will help you to talk through your feelings and what you are experiencing in a safe, compassionate and non judgmental space. Together we will explore what your loss means to you and how it is affecting you and your well being. Often when we are grieving we stop looking after ourselves but self care is important, especially during this difficult time. We will look at the things that might help you to take care of yourself. 

A warm welcome awaits you! 

Please get in touch if you would like to book your free introductory phone call or an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you :) 

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How Pet Bereavement Therapy can help you 

* provides a safe space for you to talk about what is going on for you and to express your feelings

* helps you to gain a better understanding of what your loss means to you

* validates your feelings of loss 

* helps you to gain a better understanding of your grief 

* helps you to process your feelings

* helps you to explore the impact of your loss on your emotional and overall well being 

* includes practical exercises to help you to process your feelings 

* includes practical advice on how to take care of yourself during this difficult time 

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